Being The King Of The Digital DJ World

Getting started

eden-1-750x424-660x373-600x300Being a Digital DJ has so many benefits over being a DJ in a conventional way. You can always be a master DJ when you bring in technology to your aid. A Digital DJ has the power to mix and match any tune from any period. The best part is you don’t have to carry any heavy loads of records to make sure you provide the best result when the crowds need a particular tune. Online searching and downloading are always available to a digital DJ. So it is sure that being a Digital DJ has more advantages than earlier times.

Since there are so many digital DJs available, the competition is so high in the field. So what can you do to differ from the rest? Let’s look at some tips which will help you become a star Digital DJ.

Use special features

Be in control of the music and play the tunes like a professional. Make use of new advanced features like Quantize, Snap and Serato to get a never ending tempo and beat to match the rhythm. Without missing a beat, you will be able to snap on a new loop to the existing master track. Similarly, use quantize to return to the track already being played at the exact point you left. All this happens without any mismatch in the tune or track and the effect you get is overwhelming.

Use quality tracks

djsIn terms of technical as well as musical beats, never compromise on quality. The Quality of your music defines you as a star DJ. So use tracks of high-quality audio effects. Also when mixing and matching, be sure to use records which sync with each other in terms of melody and technical details.

Planning the show

It is indeed an involuntary and inborn talent to mix and match music tunes for the show. However, you should always start with a pre-planned session. You can always switch to surprises at the end after you have understood the beat of the crowd.

Try to follow such small; however significant tips and you will see a big difference!

So all the best to the DJs in the digital world.