fileThere are a lot of advantages for a DJ when switching to a digital platform. When using a Vinyl Disc, you tend to carry around only the records you need. So sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with all the files you find in your system. There is no need to panic. With a few tips, you can easily solve this problem.

Categorize and name your music according to the Genre

Do not be tempted to leave out the Genre name when you save the file.There are hundreds of music files you can download and store. You will not only store them but however also keep on adding to the collection. As there is a very little restraint on space or cost, downloading and storing softcopies is a big temptation.

However what happens is, very often we forget which records we have stored and later on find it hard to get those particular records. Once you save them according to the genre, it will be easy for you to categorise and track the record.

Make use of Digital Sort

arrangingDigital DJs have the advantage of all latest technological features. Take advantage of these smartly. Group and regroup your tunes using the Sort features available.

Plan ahead and create new files for each performance

So now that you have named your files properly and sorted them too, the next step is to plan what you need to play for each performance. Take time beforehand to select these tracks and arrange them separately in a newly created and named folder.

Hopefully, all these tips will help you solve the problem of having to deal with numerous tracks and tunes.

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