How to Build Your Own Music Studio at Home

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How to Build Your Own Music Studio at HomeConsidering the advancement of computer technology, setting up a home recording studio has become more possible. Building one even with a lower budget is fine. As long as you understand the equipment to be used, this will be done in no time.

1. Buy a computer

Recordings will be saved in the computer. Editing will also be done in the computer. There is no need to buy one though if you already have one at home. Just make sure you empty it out so there will be more space to save the recordings. Upgrade the OS if possible so the entire process will be faster and the quality becomes better.

2. Find the best recording software

There are different types of recording software available. Some of them are perfect for those who have lower budget. If you are just doing simple home recording for personal use, this software would suffice. There is near-professional quality software that is more suitable if you want a wider release of your recordings. Nevertheless, it is essential to find the best software at a minimal price. Try the free version for first to decide which one you are comfortable with.

3. Install an audio interface

This hardware is used as a replacement on the computer’s sound card. You will then be allowed to connect various instruments and microphones to the computer using a mixer. Make sure that the audio interface has 2 input and output jacks each. If you want to make it more flexible, a 4-input jack is recommended. Find the best manufacturers by reading reviews offered by sites like BestSpy. There are brands that produce one that is perfect for entry level and professional users.

4. Find the right audio mixer

Your home studio won’t be completed without the audio mixer. This device allows you to adjust the settings and output to the audio interface and eventually into the computer. There are audio mixers that are suitable for simple recordings while some others work best for professional recording artists. Find one that suits your needs and budget.

5. Buy the best headphones and studio monitors

If you want to deliver the best recordings, go all out on the headphones and monitors. They are the first one to capture the voice and instruments. Hence, they need to be of great quality. Find one that is sensitive enough to capture what needs to be captured but at the same time, eliminates the effects due to the acoustics in the room. There are different stores selling quality headphones. Make sure that you trust manufacturers providing the best equipment possible.

6. Find the perfect location

There must be a room dedicated to be a recording studio. Seal the wall so that no other sounds will penetrate. It has to be secluded so as not to disturb the neighbors.

Once you have all the equipment necessary in creating a quality recording studio, you are now ready to give it a shot. The best tip of all is to just enjoy the whole process. Recording for personal or professional use can be very fun.

Is Your Office Chair Killing You? How to Fix It

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fig-1707104_640Do you know that sitting for long hours can literally kill you? This might sound surprising but a lot of studies have discovered the same findings. According to sites like Fitness Finest, people who sit 54% of the time are more prone of the risk of suffering from heart attack. From this figure, a significant number dies. You may not be aware of it, but this is true. Therefore, you need to be active. Don’t just sit or else, you could be a part of this statistic.

You don’t connect sitting with heart attacks, because you only feel like your bones and muscles start to get tired as you sit longer. You may not do anything other than perhaps looking at your computer, but you still feel extremely tired. There are some things that you can do to put an end to this problem.

Change your chair

You need to check what type of chair you are sitting on. It leads to body pains because it is made from a hard material with improper back or neck support. You need to find one that can easily support you and make you feel better. If your company won’t pay for it, you can spend your personal money to buy a new one.


The problem with our body is that the moment we sit, it tends to cool down and relax. It only burns a very little amount of calorie per hour as opposed to when we are active. Therefore, you need to see to it that you keep moving. Even just an hour or two at the gym each day would be a huge help.

You should also take some time to stand up and move around the office. Set an alarm if possible. No matter how busy you are, it is important that you still stand up and walk around or do some stretching. It helps make your body become more active.

Living an active and healthy lifestyle is the key to solve the problem. This is not just about whether or not, you have a good chair.

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