Ten Steps to perfecting the art of being a DJ

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light2Being a DJ might seem like a lot of fun from the outside, but it involves a lot of hard work too. You have to learn to be observant and reactive while matching your musical expression with the audience. There are many DJs coming up these days, but only the really good ones stand out in the crowd. It takes time for a talented DJ to build up a loyal fan base. The following tips can put you on the route to being a successful DJ:

Learn what DJs Actually Do
A DJ is a term that is used to define any person who plays pre-recorded music for an audience. There are different categories of DJs depending on the venue they are working at as well as the audience they are catering to:
· Club/Bar DJ
· Performer/Guest DJ
· Mobile/Wedding DJ
· Radio DJ

dj-supreme-sqWhy Do You Want to DJ
Many people choose this path because of their love of music and want to share it with an equally receptive audience. If you are choosing it as the main source of income, you have to work hard to reach the list of the top DJ’s in your city. Many DJs also go on tours to other cities and build a fan following.

Take a Trial Run
There are several software available for DJs, choose a few and do a trial run with all of them. Narrow the list down to the one that you are most comfortable with as well as offers you all the bells and whistles required for an epic night of DJing.

Pick Up Basic Skills
Learn the basic skills to become a noteworthy DJ. Skills like mixing, EQing, beat matching, phrasing in addition to prep, are all considered to be skills that every DJ should have.

Being a DJ is a never ending process that consists of constant evolving to meet the expectation of the audience. It is a fairly simple task if one’s soul and mind are up for the job.

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Being The King Of The Digital DJ World

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eden-1-750x424-660x373-600x300Being a Digital DJ has so many benefits over being a DJ in a conventional way. You can always be a master DJ when you bring in technology to your aid. A Digital DJ has the power to mix and match any tune from any period. The best part is you don’t have to carry any heavy loads of records to make sure you provide the best result when the crowds need a particular tune. Online searching and downloading are always available to a digital DJ. So it is sure that being a Digital DJ has more advantages than earlier times.

Since there are so many digital DJs available, the competition is so high in the field. So what can you do to differ from the rest? Let’s look at some tips which will help you become a star Digital DJ.

Use special features

Be in control of the music and play the tunes like a professional. Make use of new advanced features like Quantize, Snap and Serato to get a never ending tempo and beat to match the rhythm. Without missing a beat, you will be able to snap on a new loop to the existing master track. Similarly, use quantize to return to the track already being played at the exact point you left. All this happens without any mismatch in the tune or track and the effect you get is overwhelming.

Use quality tracks

djsIn terms of technical as well as musical beats, never compromise on quality. The Quality of your music defines you as a star DJ. So use tracks of high-quality audio effects. Also when mixing and matching, be sure to use records which sync with each other in terms of melody and technical details.

Planning the show

It is indeed an involuntary and inborn talent to mix and match music tunes for the show. However, you should always start with a pre-planned session. You can always switch to surprises at the end after you have understood the beat of the crowd.

Try to follow such small; however significant tips and you will see a big difference!

So all the best to the DJs in the digital world.

Reasons Why A Career As A Digital DJ Is Awesome

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dj-careerThere is no reason you should dislike Vinyl Desks. However, there are countless reasons why you should be changing roles into a Digital DJ. A Digital DJ is an updated form of all time favorite DJ shows. Technological advancements have brought such a change in the DJ world. It’s high time you should start practicing to change your act into a Digital platform. Still not convinced? Then read on to check out some facts which will help you make the decision.

Travel Lightly

Haven’t you felt it’s such a burden to take along all these records and heavy boxes to each city you go? You need to make sure that you have all the records you need; you have to check if you have missed any of the accessories required to play the records and so many other things. Now think of all the weight you can afford to leave back when you switch to a digital platform. The most you would need is a laptop, or USB device, the DJ controller and that’s so little compared to your excessive luggage you had to carry around earlier.

Long lasting tracks

paper-diamond1You will be able to store your tracks as soft copies for many years. There is no worry regarding the degeneration of records. Similarly, you can always search up old tunes, download them and play them wherever and whenever there is a popular demand.

Technical adjustments

You can always adjust, lengthen, shorten, loop and repeat any tune or track with Digital technology. The floor will practically rock when you put your digital expertise to mix and match the tracks. Not only that, you can even adjust the speed of the track without having to change the pitch. There will not be a single beat missed in between all this mixing and adjusting.

The audience is sure to love you for all these entertainments. So think no further, simply switch to being a smart Digital DJ King.