dj-dahiThe Legend in Dance and Music, The Unrivaled DJ King, The extraordinary performing genius and so go on the endless names of the most respected DJ –Christopher Lawrence. He has spent 20 years in this field and is now considered as a music genius. He has been chosen for many awards including the Best DJ in America. Yet, he remains humble and modest when asked about his achievements. Below there are some extracts and pieces from an interview recently given by him. Hope you all enjoy reading through them.

Lawrence talks about his entry into the DJ world as a turning point in his life, which is true. He was 16 when he first went to the Acid house to watch a DJ.He termed it as an “Exponential Explosion ” since when he has not known what turning back means.

dj1That DJ helped him make up his mind to pursue a career in music which became his passion. He purchased music records and practiced his performances everywhere he could. Through hard work and dedication he mastered all the technical details and grew as a Star who had no limits.

Christopher Lawrence is a self-made DJ who has earned the respect of music lovers all over the world. Let’s hope to see more stunning performances from this great legend.

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