bettywho01In the earlier days, a DJ’s equipment mainly consisted of two turntables and a mixer. As time passed by the equipment required kept getting more with the advancements in technology. Today, a DJ is more likely to have set already on his smartphone, ready to play wirelessly at a moment’s notice. There are currently so many ways a DJ can mix music that it seems quite a daunting task.

Dave Clarke, the DJ who is referred to as ‘the Baron of techno’, suggests it is time to back to the basics. Clarke is one of the pioneers among DJs to play whole gigs through files stored on a laptop. But he still prefers to mix between tracks manually rather than using controllers which sync tunes together automatically. Most people seem to argue that using a kit to do beat matching can leave the DJ to be free to try other creative options.

The Baron says that most DJs are mesmerized by the various options that technology offers and generally indulge their geek side by layering minimalist sounds at gigs. It is more important for a DJ to choose strong music tracks and mash them than showcasing music production skills according to Dave Clarke. He advises the newer generation of DJs to treat their tools with respect which ultimately means keeping the minimum required software on the laptop.

Any DJ considering a great gig at proper clubs should have kits that are light to carry around and easy to set up. According to Clarke, this generally means a Rane SL3 adaptor. The best equipment any DJ needs to succeed in the business is the right attitude according to Clarke. Most people are too scared and do not carry enough conviction, which leads to their gigs being weak. The right attitude and confidence are the best tools for any DJ to rise to the top in this industry.

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