dj-careerThere is no reason you should dislike Vinyl Desks. However, there are countless reasons why you should be changing roles into a Digital DJ. A Digital DJ is an updated form of all time favorite DJ shows. Technological advancements have brought such a change in the DJ world. It’s high time you should start practicing to change your act into a Digital platform. Still not convinced? Then read on to check out some facts which will help you make the decision.

Travel Lightly

Haven’t you felt it’s such a burden to take along all these records and heavy boxes to each city you go? You need to make sure that you have all the records you need; you have to check if you have missed any of the accessories required to play the records and so many other things. Now think of all the weight you can afford to leave back when you switch to a digital platform. The most you would need is a laptop, or USB device, the DJ controller and that’s so little compared to your excessive luggage you had to carry around earlier.

Long lasting tracks

paper-diamond1You will be able to store your tracks as soft copies for many years. There is no worry regarding the degeneration of records. Similarly, you can always search up old tunes, download them and play them wherever and whenever there is a popular demand.

Technical adjustments

You can always adjust, lengthen, shorten, loop and repeat any tune or track with Digital technology. The floor will practically rock when you put your digital expertise to mix and match the tracks. Not only that, you can even adjust the speed of the track without having to change the pitch. There will not be a single beat missed in between all this mixing and adjusting.

The audience is sure to love you for all these entertainments. So think no further, simply switch to being a smart Digital DJ King.

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